1. Descriptions

Specific descriptions and illustrations of our products and services on our website, www.verathediva.com, reflect, as far as possible, an accurate representation of the products and services that we offer. Photographs are intended to give a general idea or flavour of the dance style or the atmosphere of a typical event but do not form part of any contract between you and Vera the Diva Dance School. In all instances the specific manner of any teaching, training, coaching or the general running of an event may vary from location to location.

2. Definitions

Course:  A series of consecutive classes for a group which are taught over a specific number of lessons on specific dates and full payment for the course is due upon the booking being made. Spaces are limited and your payment will reserve your place on a course.  Each class is a mix of individuals and couples. Couples can stay together during the class if they wish and we also endeavour to ensure that we have a balanced number of ladies and gentlemen in our classes by supplementing each class with experienced dance helpers.

Dance Module: Dance modules are booked on a one-off and specific date(s) basis and full payment is due upon the booking being made. 

Private Lesson:  A personalised teaching session with one teacher per individual or couple.   This does not mean the exclusive use of the dance studio as, occasionally, another lesson may be in progress at the same time.

Wedding Lesson:  A personalised teaching session with one teacher per couple and full payment is due upon the booking being made.

Special Event:  A private dance class experience (e.g. birthdays, hens, tea dances) with one teacher per 25 guests. Booked on a one-off and specific date basis and full payment is due upon the booking being made.

On-Line:  A live group class or private lesson with one teacher using Zoom – full payment is due upon the booking being made.

Social Dances and Private Parties: Social Dances and parties are booked on a one-off and specific date basis and full payment is due upon the booking being made. 

3. Contract Changes and Cancellations

Payment is required in advance to secure your booking. The receipt of your payment confirms your acceptance of our terms and conditions and will constitute a contract governed by English Law. The services provided to you by Vera the Diva include research, evaluation, sourcing, validation, administration, booking services, and marketing to make available to you our products and services and to facilitate your enjoyment of them. However, they are not provided free of charge and our charges for these services are included in the price you pay.

Occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control, we must reserve the right to change times, dates and locations of our classes, lessons and events. If a session is cancelled, the student will be notified at the earliest opportunity. If the time or date is substantially revised the student will not be under an obligation to accept the new date and shall be entitled to a full refund or an alternate time or date.

We have minimum numbers, which must be reached in order for us to be able to run our courses and dance modules. Unfortunately, if we do not reach those numbers we are unable to run the course / dance module.  If you are booked onto a course / dance module where this is the case, we will offer you a full refund or transfer to another course / dance module. We close registrations for dance modules 24 hours before the start or at 12 pm the day before (for evening classes), we will inform you as soon as we can after this point if the dance module or course is to be rearranged. If you have not heard from us by the close of business the previous day then your dance module will be on. Please make sure you provide accurate contact details so we can get in contact in the event of any changes.

Having booked, no refunds will be issued except in respect of non-performance of the contract. To be clear, if, for example, you book a course or a series of lessons and then, for whatever reason, are unable to attend individual one or several lessons, no refund will be made.

Group dance courses and modules:  You can cancel your purchase up to 14 days before the group dance course/module starts, providing the course/module has not started.  No transfers or refunds are granted after this date or once the course has started. If you miss a class you may book, in lieu, a class on another day of the week during the course provided we know 48 hours in advance and there are spaces available.

Private and Wedding Lessons:  Due to venue hire commitments and teacher’s professional time obligations, any cancellations made within 72 hours before the day of booked lesson will not be refunded.  In addition, all lessons that are booked and confirmed with payment are to be taken within twelve months from the date payment is received – no transfers or refunds for unused lessons within the twelve month period will be granted. 

Special Events:  You can cancel your purchase up to 14 days before the event.  No transfers or refunds are granted after this date

4. Payment

The preferred method of payment is by on-line bank transfer.  Once a payment is made, then the booking is to be taken within six months.  No refunds will be given for not starting after six months a course/class or taking a lesson from the date of booking. 

5. Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers may be purchased for dance courses and lessons under the following conditions:

  • Each gift voucher may only be used for one transaction; any remaining amount is not exchangeable with cash or another voucher and will be automatically forfeited.
  • The redeemer will pay any additional cost exceeding the value of this voucher.
  • A gift voucher will be considered null and void without an Expiry Date and Authorised Signature.
  • Gift vouchers cannot be replaced when lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Each voucher is valid only for a Vera the Diva dance lesson up to a period of 6 months
  • In the event of any dispute, the decision of Vera the Diva is final.

6. In Case of Problems

In case of a problem, please speak to your teacher on the day, so they have the opportunity to resolve any problems there and then. Any complaints should be addressed to Vera the Diva Dance School.

7. Health, Safety and Safe Dance Practice

Hired Premises

Vera the Diva Dance School operates from hired premises (e.g. churches and schools) whose Health and Safety is monitored by their owners. All premises have their own First Aid Kit (usually in the Kitchen).  As we operate from hired premises they all have fire exits, extinguishers & meet Fire Safety Regulations.

All students are required to wear comfortable clothes and soft soled footwear; more advanced dancers will need to wear dance shoes. Whilst participating in dance you should feel comfortable, safe, and be able to participate without risk or injury; therefore here are a few guidelines:

  • Take care of yourself and remember that pain is not progress but can often be a warning sign to your body.  If you experience any difficulty, ask for help, take time out or stop and observe – you can still learn whilst watching. Stop at once if you feel dizzy or have any pain and tell your teacher. 
  • If you are pregnant or have any health issues please inform your teacher, as this will not stop you participating. But there are precautions that you should be aware off.  It is always essential to consult your doctor before beginning a dance class if you have a pre-existing health condition.
  • Please ensure all your personal belongings and outdoor clothing are stored in a safe way, to avoid hazards.  Liquids are not to be brought onto the dance floor.
  • Posture affects your breathing; it affects how your body feels, moves and looks and good posture is essential to ensure non-injury. Therefore you will be constantly reminded to check your posture and will be corrected if necessary.  You are encouraged to pay attention to how your body feels when moving. You do not need to stress and strain to attain perfect technique as this can cause injury. 
  • Each student should warm up prior to the lesson. The importance of a warm up to prepare the body for physical exertion cannot be emphasised enough. 


On-line classes can be enjoyed in your home environment.  

Please follow these healthy and safety rules:

    • Take it at your own pace.
    • If the dance class feels too much just take it easy, pause and have a break.
    • Do whatever feels good for you – we want you to do all this exercise safely. 
    • You are responsible for monitoring how are you feel throughout the session. 
    • If you feel any discomfort or pain, stop and seek medical advice. 
  • By taking part you agree to our terms and conditions. 

Please remember you agree to take part in an on-line class at your own risk.

Finally, everybody learns at their own pace and everybody is different, you will find some of the dance moves easier to do than others this is normal. Please go at your own pace.  Relax, enjoy and have fun!

Vera the Diva reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.